Are you new to the Grand Theft Auto “GTA” virtual world? If so, you have a lot to learn about the game. Like most online video games, players can go solo or team up with other players. Regardless of which option you choose, you are about to embark on a virtual gaming experience like no other. GTA is a well-known video game for many reasons. First of all, GTA has made headlines time and time again for having a controversial platform. In March 2022, it was reported that the platform had more than 90,000 players who log into their accounts daily.

What Beginners Need To Know About GTA 5

Getting Past The Controversy

If 90,000 people are playing GTA on a daily basis, it is obvious the controversy is oftentimes overlooked. Everyone views the platform differently. Some tend to gravitate toward GTA because it allows them to trade their law-abiding ways for a dangerous life of crime. While only an arduous virtual environment, players are tasked with criminal feats that require strategy, patience, and endurance to beat. This is not to mention, that you must learn how to survive the roughest, toughest streets of San Andreas.
The first step is to download GTA 5 Mobile to your Android device.

Build A Tough Reputation

GTA players’ primary goal is to build a high-ranking reputation. Building a reputation as a GTA tough guy is never as easy as it seems. If you know anything about action-adventure video games, you know they are challenging. The same thing can be said about GTA, but regardless, it has a unique concept.
There are several ways to build your rank in the virtual GTA world. What is the purpose of earning Reputation Points “RP” when playing GTA Online? Without RP, you will never level up. If you do not level up, you will never access better weaponry. If you do not have better weapons, you will never advance in the game.

Building Rank

The least sophisticated way to build rank is with the help of the Lucky Wheel located inside the Diamon Casino and Resort. Players are allotted one free spin each day. Each spin provides an opportunity to score one of 20 unique prizes, five of which are related to RP. The five RP-related prizes range between 2,500 and 15,000, with the latter being the more preferred award. Why spin the Lucky Wheel daily? It is an opportunity to build your reputation. So, do not forget to visit the Diamon Casino and report daily to take your stab at the Lucky Wheel.
Players can also earn RP by scoring crate drops. However, this option is not available to beginners. You will need to reach rank 12 to take part in the crate drops. Even when you do reach the required rank, you will soon discover the task is not as easy as it seems.


GTA 5 is not all about competing in arduous missions. It is also about wreaking havoc on the public, touring the city of San Andreas, and chilling. Some players utilize their downtime wisely by cruising the streets while listing to some of the best classic songs.