WoW Dragonflight has long received its full release and everyone who wanted to quickly gain access to new content has long been traveling around the Dragon Islands, continuing to master new content, earn an onyx ring, go through Abberus and master flying on dragons, reaping the benefits of active boosting World of Warcraft.

All newcomers who are just coming to the world of Azeroth and starting their adventures need to act quickly to complete the main content and get to the Dragonflight update in order to have time to master it before Blizzard releases the next addition, which will build on the accumulations from the current one and better have time to complete a WoW boost to level 70 in order to be on the same level as all other players, on your dragon and all the accessories of bosses from current raids like Abberus.


Always pay attention to quests, although they are not designed to pump up your hero with resources and equipment, but this is the easiest way to get a cheap boost in WoW Dragonflight.

All story missions are needed to tell you the story of Azeroth and at the same time allow all classes and characters to quickly and evenly and consistently gain new levels and approach level 60 to gain access to the new Dragon Islands.

Please note that the most profitable, but also long, quests are the main, plot ones, but besides them there are also a lot of different tasks in World of Warcraft.

Such tasks are called secondary, they can be either low-value and bring a little gold, or profitable and give you levels for boosting World of Warcraft as one of the reward options.

There are tasks in which you receive rewards depending on their quantity, that is, as much as you farm, you will receive as much.

Before accepting non-main quests, carefully look at the final reward, the conditions for receiving it and the place for farming. If it coincides with the location of the story quests, then select them and go explore Azeroth.

By collecting a large number of quests and completing them, you will receive a lot of experience, gold and other rewards if they are included in the list of rewards.

For completing main story tasks, you may even be given items from weapons and equipment to provide you with a more convenient start and speed up the time of killing monsters.


This is one of the formats for hero development, where the main emphasis is on simple hunting and killing monsters in a location.

This is not a fast way to level up, but it is effective in terms of accumulating resources, because you kill monsters that are higher than you in level and get the maximum chance of a high reward.

All heroes without exception can engage in grinding, but attacking classes cope better with this. This does not mean that grinding is not available to supports, but ideally they should be leveled up as part of a group in order to exchange the experience they gain for safe farming from the attacking class. A warrior with the support of a healer can kill many more monsters at the same time, and the experience gained is quite enough for both of them for effective WoW leveling, obtaining gold and perhaps even unique items, if you are lucky.


Raids remain one of the best and most effective ways to level up for random and established groups of players.

This is a dungeon assault format with a buffed monster, often referred to as a boss.

He has increased attack and defense power, high HP, and often uses unique attacks of different directions to try to destroy all the players who are participating in the raid.

For the fact that players must spend a lot of time and be extremely careful, the system rewards them with a large amount of experience and a chance to get truly valuable pieces of equipment and weapons equivalent to the raid level.

Most dungeons have multiple difficulty levels with increased rewards, but the boss’s power will also increase.

In such raids, the dungeon leader will act more aggressively, have greater defense and attack, and use his special skills more often, but if you win, you will receive even more valuable items and weapons up to the legendary level, and some raids, including the new Abberus, can bring you special boss accessories, which will be located in a separate slot and have different bonuses for different classes.

The most valuable in terms of leveling in World of Warcraft are Mythic dungeons, but heroic ones can also bring good bonuses if you complete them.

Dragon Island

When you reach your 60th level, you will finally be able to use the ship to go to new lands, where you will find 10 new levels in the new update and many new mechanics.

The levels will not be easy and as part of the storyline you will have to visit each island and learn the secrets of each type of dragon, including the reason for the disappearance of black dragons and why centaurs and giants attack all representatives of the dragon species.

When you complete the storyline, you will be taken to the capital of the Dragon Island.

This will help you discover new mechanics of the order table, to obtain new high-quality items if you are not involved in crafting and the opportunity to earn a lot of gold if you are a professional crafter.

The quest system will lead you to the most important innovation – the opportunity to tame your dragon.

You will train together with your pet and will even be able to fly it anywhere in Azeroth.

The higher the skill level of your pet, the more attacks and techniques he will know, and you will be better and more confident in the saddle, especially in the event of aerial combat.

When you’re done with the quests, go to the Abberus and Lost Temple raids to get new items that will help you level up if you haven’t reached level 70 yet and will strengthen your character for future updates if you’ve already reached the limit for the Dragonflight add-on.