The entertainment and marketing industry utilizes themes to boost their sales. You’re likely to see content thrown here and there when advertising products on various channels. In the movie industry, you’ll encounter suggestive women who attract more people to the cinema hall. Developers of online casino games can also use to sell their offerings. casino games can attract huge audiences to the website.

A popular casino with erotic content is Red Lights. The game was created by Tom Horn Gaming and launched in May 2018. It’s predominantly themed with various features and symbols. Keep reading for a comprehensive review of Red Lights.

Review of the game Red Lights

Amsterdam looks terrific with its various cultures and designs. It’s a place where individuals seize their freedom. In this city, the night belongs to passionate girls. The Red Light Video Slot delves into the city’s nightlife. Developed by Tom Horn Gaming, the Red Lights stands out as one of the best video slots. The raving reviews and high marks it continues to garner demonstrate that the game is exceptional.

When playing the game, punters will let loose their illusions and immerse into the exhilarating neon setting of the Red Light District, overflowing with suggestive girls and enormous wins. Once the girls start undressing and the emotions go up, punters go wild, surveying the qualities of the erotic game. At this point, the ladies will transform into Sticky Expanding Wild icons, rewarding gamers with five triggerable Free Spins.

The excitement of gaining more deepens in the Strip Gamble item. Remove underclothing from the light-colored or dark lady, and by each thing, you move nearer to the Naked Girl Joker that keeps your bet winnings.

What are the symbols of the Red Light Slot?

Red Light has various symbols that you need to master before you begin playing the game. The symbols signify the amount you’ll likely earn when playing the game. Here are the key symbols:

  1. High and Low Paying Symbols

Red Lights has both high and low-paying symbols. High-paying symbols include pink, blue, and yellow diamonds. The pink diamond is the highest paying signal, giving 400x for 5 of a kind. The blue and yellow diamond reimburses 25x and 200x for a mixture of 3 and 5 of a type in that order. On the other hand, the low-paying signals include card letter A and card letters Q, J, and K.

  1. Sticky Expanding Wild

An automatic trigger of free spins occurs when a Brunette Girl or a Blonde Girl emerges at any point on the first or fifth reel. Each time this happens, the signals enlarge to conceal the full height of the first and fifth, working like Sticky Expanding Wilds till the completion of 5 Free Spins. A new packet of 5 Free Spins appears if a new Wild emerges. If one Expanding Sticky Wild appears on the screen, there is a 2x Multiplier of Free Spins. However, if two Expanding Sticky Wild appear on the screen, a Multiplier of Free Spins is 4x.

  1. Strip Gamble

The Gamble item allows a player to remove the underclothing of the suggestive Brunette or Blonde. While the Blonde symbolizes Red color, the Brunette denotes Black. Each lingerie piece you remove helps you to get closer to Naked Joker Girl. You can systematically remove the Black or Red lingerie in 3 steps:

  • Stocking

  • Bra

  • Panties

It’s only possible to accomplish all the abovementioned steps when you knock the right shade. If you’re lucky enough to strike 3 times correctly, you’ll undress one of the girls, and she will be your Naked Joker Girl in the fourth betting hit. If you fail to strike the right color in the 4th strike, the Naked Joker Girl will save the amount.

Features and bonuses of the Red Lights

Red Lights has various features and rewards that help gamers when playing the game. The main task to perform in the bonus round is to remove the lingerie from one of the girls. Each lingerie item you peel off from the girl helps you move closer to the naked woman. Remember, the Naked Joker Girl will save your winnings in the fourth stage. Here are the critical bonus features:

  • Sticky Expanding Wild: The black or white girl activates this feature when they become visible on reels 1 and 5. After triggering the feature, the enlarging Wild covers the entire elevation of reels 1 and 5 and elicits free spins.

  • Gamble Feature: When this feature comes, you can decide to gather your winnings or bet them to double your prizes. If you choose to bet, a poker ticket will emerge, allowing you to speculate whether the next ticket is red or black. If you speculate correctly, your wins will be doubled. On the other hand, a wrong guess makes you lose all your winnings.

  • Strip Gamble feature: Once you succeed in using the gamble feature, a Strip Gamble feature will emerge. The red color signifies the blonde lady, while black represents the Brunette. If your guessing is correct, you’ll start stripping the girl.

  • Mystery win feature: Three X signs connote a mystery win if they occur on the screen.

Basics for playing the game

Red Lights slot is a simple game that commences when you determine the right amount to gamble on the 9 lines. Move to the bottom left of your screen and choose a gambling amount, ranging from 0.18 to 90 coins. After you fix your bet, adjust the reels spinning with the spin or auto spin buttons. Your objective is to strike the prized winning mix as per the payout table’s requirement.


Red Lights is a leading erotic casino game from Tom Horn Gaming. The game allows punters to strip either a Blonde or Brunette. You can use three steps to get closer to the Naked Joker Girl, including stockings, bra, and panties. The game has various features and symbols you must know before playing.