Slot machines were among the first casino games in the world. Today’s slots hardly resemble the ones from a century ago. Here is how gambling consoles evolved over the years.

People these days gamble more than ever. Why wouldn’t they, when gambling in many forms is legal and easily accessible in the majority of countries? It’s almost hard to believe that it all started with some simple horse race wagers, a few card games, and the all-time-favorite slot machines.
Slot machines have been around for over one century. If you take a look at today’s slots and compare them to the first gambling consoles, the differences are incredible. Modern machines are sophisticated, sleek, and use cutting-edge technology. And it’s not just about the quality of games, either – it’s about the versatility and easy access.
Today, gamblers in Canada are spoiled with choices. They can go to a local casino and find dozens to hundreds of slot machines depending on the size of the establishment. Or, those, who live in Ontario now have the opportunity to gamble online legally – they can join any Ontario online casino that received a gambling license and gain access to thousands of slots, table games and live options of gaming.
Slot machines Ontario come in different forms, different themes, and have varied bet options for all players. In addition to this, gamblers can now claim high bonuses when playing online, most of which can be used on slot machines, even progressive ones!
In this article, we’ll discuss the storyline of the gambling game console or, as we all know it, the slot machine.

The First Slot Machines

The first console gambling machine was created in the late 1800s. Imagine a much simpler version of today’s slots. Even now, slots are considered easy casino games since they don’t come with many rules and don’t require a lot of decision-making. You just spin the reels, set the bet, and wait for the outcome on most slots. Well, at the beginning, the slots were even simpler.
The first slots had simple operations and very limited features – as well as a few winning combinations. Even so, they brought players a great sense of excitement. In the early 1900s, they became very popular, so companies were encouraged to create diverse machines to add to entertainment spaces.

Slot Machines throughout the Years

It wasn’t until the 1950s when the electronic slot was first introduced. This game allowed for a much more complex gameplay and was considered a groundbreaking technology piece. Instead of pulling the lever, players could alter their odds and click a button, just like they do today.
Fast forward to the 1970s and 80s, and video poker became an option in casinos and entertainment facilities. This prompted the development of even more advanced video slot machines with more complex design and more features.
At this point, there were plenty of free slot machines Canada seeing how gambling was not legalized until 1985. You can play slots for free today, too, in a demo version or by using free spins from a casino bonus.
The newer video slots of the 1980s attracted more players because they offered higher reward potential, more features, and better technology. With this, the house edge increased by a notable margin.


The Rise of the Online Slot Machine

As technology progressed and advanced, slots became more and more creative, numerous, and better designed. With the rise of internet gaming and streaming, online slots became a reality – and a very popular one. Online slot machines are more accessible than any slots in history, attracting players from all around the world on casino websites.
Today, all that a player needs to bet on slots is a good internet connection and a device like their phone or desktop.


Today’s Slot Machines are More Advanced than Ever
In the past, slot machines were simple, usually spread across 3 spinning wheels and featuring fruits and numbers. Today, they are anything but simple. They have features like multipliers and bonus rounds, free spins, wilds and scatters, jackpots of different sizes, and more. Some slots use unique technology like Megaways, others have 3D graphics, and even some virtual reality slots are already on the market.
You can now play classic fruit and number machines with better graphics and more features. You can play TV-inspired slot machines, sports-themed slots, and games that include everything from animals to sci-fi themes.
This goes to show how much gambling consoles have changed over the years, especially in the last few decades. With this pace and with the technology advances, we can only expect them to get better and better in the years that follow.