In the gaming niche, it is common to find outstanding characters whose influence goes beyond the game. Incorporating them into the game makes it more immersive and exciting. 

This article will highlight some individuals of Australian descent who have been featured in several popular games. Read on to gain more information. 

Mad Max (Max Rockatansky)

If you are a movie fan and are well versed with most titles, you know the Mad Max series was the epitome of armageddon films. The films created by Australian filmmaker George Miller depicted Max as a law enforcement figure touring the Australian wasteland. 

In 2015, Avalanche Studios developed and launched the Mad Max game, which enthusiasts highly received. Players take on the role of Max and adventure in the themed environment.

Max’s Australian descent is evident from his accent to the landscape aspects of the game. This title deepens players into the harsh Australian outback as you encounter more factions. 

Roadhog (Mako Rutledge) 

Overwatch is a classic title loved by enthusiasts who fancy action and adventure games. In this thrilling title, you will encounter a ragged character with a post-apocalyptic appearance named Mako Rutledge, better known as Roadhog. 

His character depicts a no-nonsense man wielding a scrap gun that impacts significant damage. On the battlefield, Roadhog is not to be messed with. He bears a deep Australian accent, and the game features several Australian-themed references. 

However, when he is not extremely serious, Roadhog is a funny character who piles onto the game’s humor. This trait is evident during conversations with other in-game characters like Junkrat. 

Chloe Frazer 

If you are a thrill seeker and have an eye for danger, Uncharted is a game you should hop on. This game features a fictional mercenary of mixed descent. Chloe Frazer has Indian and Australian traits, contributing to her game character. 

She first debuted in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” (2009) and always had her own thing going aside from the mission at hand. 

In the game, she partners with Nadine Ross to travel in search of a valuable artifact in India. She, like most Australian characters, bears a deep accent voiced by Claudia Black. She displays several quality skills in the game, including resourcefulness, confidence, and charm. 

Extra Australian Themed Games

While these characters have made significant impacts beyond their game role, other fun Australian-influenced games are worth mentioning. 

Red Sands Slots

This popular slot machine game incorporates an Australian-themed background into its gameplay. It compromises desert landscape, red sands, cacti, and desert animals to enhance the accuracy of the location. It is a popular game you can access on any australian mobile casino if you are a wagering enthusiast.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

This title, developed by Krome Studios, highlights Australian wildlife, including Ty. This marsupial carnivore, currently extinct in Australia, displays a bubbly and adventurous persona, resonating highly with many fans. 


Gaming fans globally can’t overlook Australia’s impact on the gaming niche. Character-wise, we have witnessed larger-than-life characters like Roadhog and Chloe Frazer, whose impact on the title is surreal. These personalities make the game more interesting and diverse.