Every player must remember one crucial fact while betting, and it is this: casinos are set up to win. They would stand to lose a lot of money if they let people play games that are easily beaten with real money, so those games never make it into the casinos – brick-and-mortar and online. Simply put, the house always wins, even if you apply the finest roulette method possible. But you can improve your odds of winning in roulette by employing a few simple strategies.
Once the roulette wheel begins to spin, the result cannot be predicted, regardless of whether you are playing on an AmazonSlots’s roulette online game, in live casino games, or in a real casino. Still, as we said, there are strategies out there, and good ones at that. So let us bring you the top five online roulette strategies you should try today:

1. Martingale

The number one strategy for players. Every time a player loses using the Martingale method, they increase their wager by one unit. Ideally, when a player does win, they make back all their losses plus a little profit. Bets on red/black, odd/even, 0-18/19-36, and so on are recommended for this approach.

2. Labouchère

The player decides how much money they want to earn and breaks that amount down into a sequence of winning values that add up to the total prize goal. After a losing bet, the Labouchère method calls for the player to raise their wager. The wager is calculated by adding the numbers at the extremes of the sequence (left and right). The winning numbers are crossed out and the numbers to the far left and right are used for the next bet if the first wager is successful. If the wager is unsuccessful, the stake is added to the sequence’s extreme right.

3. Reverse Labouchère

Each wager is determined by adding the first and final digits of a sequence, much like the traditional Labouchère method. After a successful wager, the reverse Labouchère method raises the stakes. After a loss, the first and last digits are erased. After a successful wager, the most recent one is added to the running total. The ultimate objective is to eliminate the last digit and complete the cycle.

4. Andrucci

The Andrucci approach is based on the assumption that the wheel will eventually pass over all possible combinations of numbers. First, keep track of the numbers that occur in a sequence of 30–35 rotations. After that, choose a number you think the ball will fall on and keep betting on that number for the following 15 spins to 25 spins, or until you win. The Andrucci method is based on principles of physics and is influenced by the study of Chaos Theory.

5. D’Alembert

For optimal results, the D’Alembert tactic should be used on even-money wagers, such as red/black, odd/even, or 1-18/19-36. The player’s bet increases by one coin after each losing bet. Each win results in a single coin being removed from the total bet. This is based on another progression-based approach to roulette, and many believe the D’Alembert is less risky than the popular Martingale tactic.