Mobile gaming is not what it used to be. Days of clunky, handheld consoles are pretty much gone, and the modern options are more streamlined – in fact, more commonly, people play these games on their phones.

Genres play a big role in choosing games, as some genres are not so good for playing while on public transport or in a waiting room. Think about the hyperrealistic graphics and immersive styles of some of the games out there. Some titles are just made to be played on big screens with impressive sound systems where possible. Others, though, work perfectly on a mobile device.

Popular Game Genres For People Playing On The Go

Online Slots

Online slots have become much easier for people to play while they’re travelling. Anyone who has done some research on slot games knows that there are more options than ever before and that the industry has a lot of different styles even within the slot genre.

Growth in internet connection stability and connectivity has led to even more options for people who are looking to play these kinds of online slots games on the bus or on a train, for example. On top of this, some people are drawn to slots because they are simple games to dip in and out of. The fact that each game is divided into spins means people can easily switch off or pick up again when they want to.

Payment has also become easier on online slots, too, people have more options and can potentially make a deposit using their digital wallets. Cryptocurrencies have become much more straightforward to use, and there are specialist crypto casinos out there that are an option for people who are up to date with modern payment methods.

Zombies, fruit machines, jungle themes…there are endless themes for slot games, and estimated to be thousands of different games on the market today that people can choose between.

Strategy Games

You could be forgiven for thinking that strategy games don’t translate well to mobile screens. When you think of somebody playing a strategy game you might think of them at a desktop computer, studying the stats in a game.

However, some of the simpler strategy games are available for mobile and have really made a name in the industry. Clash of Clans is a strategy game with a simple outline but plenty of depth to it. The game includes building a base, defending against attacks, or managing resources. The strategic depth offers a rewarding experience that can be played in short or long sessions, making it flexible for people. Sometimes people have to wait for in-game events to happen! The ability to play these games in brief periods throughout the day, coupled with their competitive elements, keeps players invested in the progression of their in-game achievements. Some people keep the same save on these games for years or even decades. These sorts of games have grown a lot, with options like Pioneers of Pagonia being playable on Android devices. Tribal, world-building games are often successful for mobile players.

Endless Runners

You may never heard of this genre a few years ago, but it has grown because of mobile play – games like Temple Run are examples of those where people can quickly “run” through a setting and try to beat a high score. Platformer games are similar in their approach, and many of us have played these games, which are probably designed to be played in short sessions, making them ideal for mobile play. The continuous gameplay keeps things interesting, and the ever-increasing difficulty provides a constant challenge for players. These aren’t the kind of games you can get bored of quickly because they’re too easy.

Card and Word Games

Not every game needs to be complex or character-based. Card and word games translate well to smaller screens and can be enjoyed alone or with friends. They offer familiar gameplay and offer a puzzle theme, plus they can be paused and then picked up again.

Word games like Words With Friends have a social element to them, too. Not long ago, a huge number of people were drawn to Wordle, a game that was famously developed by one person before he sold it to the NY Times for big money – the game can be played there to this day with a new word added every day. Wordle is not a game people can spend loads of time on, but it shows that there is a huge appetite for word games.


Most games can now be played in some way on mobile. Even Xbox and big platforms are introducing mobile play options where consoles can link to your phone and allow you to access your favorite game from anywhere. Genres like those we’ve mentioned here tend to work much better than some of the other, console-based genres like FPS games, but there are examples of these too.