Punters looking to enjoy a gambling experience without worrying about the restrictions of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission lean towards non gamstop bookies. The perks of using these bookmakers are extensive, ranging from protecting credit scores to eliminating the need to use a VPN when betting from the region.

On these platforms, you can maximise every wager by applying specific strategies, which we shall cover in this write-up. Several independent betting sites are at your fingertips, but not all are equal. To that end, we’ve also provided the important factors to consider when choosing a bookmaker so you can settle for only the best.

What are the Benefits of Bookies Not On Gamstop

The benefits of these online betting sites are enough reasons why they’re good choices for any punter. Here are the main advantages of such platforms:

Protects Credit Score

For starters, what is a credit score? This is a three-digit number that measures your creditworthiness. It’s one of the most essential things a money lender or financial institution considers for loan eligibility. Placing stakes online won’t reflect directly on your report, but your transactions to a betting platform show up on a bank statement, indirectly affecting your chances of getting loans.

An independent bookie solves this problem by supporting payment options like credit cards and cryptocurrencies, which facilitate anonymous deposits and withdrawals. In other words, you can comfortably transact on top platforms without worrying about them reflecting on your bank statement.

Generous Bonuses

One of the highlights of betting on these online bookmakers is leveraging massive bonuses and promotions. These platforms offer such deals in different forms. They start with a welcome package for newbies, which could be free bets, matched deposit deals, and more.

Some also include a multitude of offers for existing customers. An excellent example of this is an odd boost, where you get better returns from winning bets you place on specific markets. Another is accumulator insurance, which offers a cushion for the possible losses associated with multiple wagers.

Credit Card Payments

Whether you’re betting on everything about sports simulations or the actual games themselves, you must deposit. Likewise, after winning, you need adequate payment methods for an easy cashout. At independent bookmakers, you’ll find a good selection of transaction options that you can use for fast and easy payments. Among these are credit cards.

As already noted, a credit card, like Visa or Mastercard, makes it possible to complete gambling payments without hurting your creditworthiness. They’re also safe, thanks to the bank-grade security that providers use to safeguard their users’ financial details.

Plethora of Betting Markets

When it comes to betting markets, you have a variety of options to pick from. These platforms cover different sports events, especially well-known ones like football and basketball. You’ll also find betting markets for niche sports, electronic sports, and even politics.

To cater to both risk-averse bettors and high rollers, they include simple and complex options. For instance, in a football game, punters who prefer markets with better-winning chances can predict the match result or the total goals scored. Those looking for better profits will opt for markets with higher odds, like Asian handicaps.

Soft KYC

Know Your Customer Verifications are procedures incorporated on betting platforms to prevent fraud and identity theft. Bettors, especially those making first withdrawals, must complete it before getting their earnings. Some sites take days to verify customers’ identities, consequently delaying withdrawals.

You don’t have to worry about this at non-gamstop bookies because their KYC processes are smooth and fast. Once you upload copies of the required documents, the site takes only a few hours to verify your account, and subsequent withdrawals become even more seamless.

Things To Keep an Eye On

While there are a multitude of platforms operating outside the purview of the UKGC, you should note that all are trustworthy. Plus, offerings differ from site to site, so one must consider these factors when picking a suitable bookie. Start by confirming the site’s safety. Be certain that even if it operates independently, it uses high-end security protocols for customer protection. You can use our resources to find bookies with a track record of offering safe and reliable services.

Another essential factor to check is the quality of the odds. If you’re new to the sports wagering scene, you might wonder how odds work in betting. These numbers specify the probability of an event occurring and the potential payout should your bet on that event win. So the higher they are, the better your profits on successful stakes.

A bookmaker must meet your needs. For instance, if you’re a darts lover who wants to make returns from wagering on the sport, find a site with great coverage and lines for dart events. Similarly, if you enjoy casino gaming, some online bookies combine online casinos so you can play your favourite games when you choose to. Other features that interest you include live streaming, full and partial cashouts, special markets, and sport-specific promotions.

Tips and Strategies for High Return

When betting on everything about sports, keep in mind that the success of your wagers depends on the game’s outcome. While you can’t influence what happens during a fixture, you can improve your winning chances with these tips:

Research and Analysis

In sports betting, information is critical. Always stay updated on the happenings of the game. Gain insight into team and player performances over the years, including how they stack up against different opponents. Learn if there have been any recent changes that could affect their performances in specific games.

In-Play Betting

With live or in-play betting, you can take advantage of changing odds to place bets at points when they’re most profitable. This wagering option allows you to react to events during a fixture, providing opportunities to place better-informed bets.

Trading and Scalping

The world of sports betting also presents trading opportunities. Just as investors capitalise on price fluctuations in the stock market, bettors can do the same with odds. By strategically backing and laying bets at various stages of an event, you can play the odds to your advantage and aim to profit from these dynamic shifts.

Bankroll Growth and Compounding

Picture your sports betting journey as a long-term investment strategy. Instead of pocketing your winnings, consider compounding them by reinvesting and growing your bankroll. With time, you’ll be able to place higher bet amounts, which increases your potential winnings. However, be aware that it also introduces a higher level of risk.