Heading to your favorite online casino and spinning the reels of a vibrant slot game can be an ideal way to unwind and entertain yourself. Unlike other casino games, slots don’t require any additional skill or knowledge, making them a highly accessible choice. But that’s not all slot machines have to offer. 

Online Slot Games Ranked by Win Potential

One of the best aspects of slot games is their ability to grant huge payouts. From free spins to progressive jackpot wins, there are plenty of ways to profit when you play slots online. However, not all slots are equal, and some are more profitable than others. 

In this article, we will explore the factors that determine a slot’s win potential. Using this insight, we can pinpoint some of the top slot games and rank them accordingly. Understanding which slots have the best win potential will help you get the most out of your gambling endeavours and increase your chances of making a profit. So, let’s dive in!

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Factors That Determine a Slot’s Win Potential 

Before we start ranking our top casino slots, let’s discuss the key factors that determine a slot’s win potential: 


Short for ‘return-to-player,’ RTP refers to the amount of money each player will receive in relation to their bet. This is calculated as a percentage and helps players to judge whether a slot game is worth playing or not. For instance, the Gates of Olympus RTP is 96.50%, so players will, on average, receive €96.50 for every €100 they wager. 

The RTP of most slot games ranges between 95% and 97%. Slots with RTPs lower than 95% are generally not worth playing if your main goal is to make a profit. 


This refers to how often a player will trigger a win with a slot and what the size of the win will be. Slots can either have low, mid-low, medium, mid-high, or high volatility. High volatility means that the slot will pay out huge wins at a time. However, these payouts will be spread apart. On the other hand, low volatility means payouts will be more frequent but much smaller in size. 

Generally, players with smaller budgets will have a more enjoyable time with low volatility slots since they can extend their gameplay and enjoy a small yet steady flow of funds. Likewise, high-volatility slots are best for players who are after massive payouts. 

Max Win 

As you can probably guess, max win refers to the maximum payout you can get in relation to your bet. For instance, if a slot has a max win of 5000x, this means you can get a payout that’s 5000 times your bet. If that bet is €1, then the highest amount you can win at once is €5000. Some slots may also have a daily jackpot that will briefly increase their max win. 


Bonus features will directly influence how often a player can land a winning combination or how much they will receive through playing a slot game. Some slots grant players free spins, which allows them to play for longer without exceeding their budget. Furthermore, other games may include in-game bonus features such as cascading reels, which enable players to achieve multiple wins from a single spin. 

Top Slots Ranked by Their Win Potential

As we can see, there are several factors that have a direct impact on a slot game’s win potential. Now it’s time to take a look at some of our favorite slots to see how they compare. 

Dead or Alive 2

    • RTP – 96.82% 
    • Volatility – High
    • Max Win – 111,111x
  • Bonus Features – Free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus buy

As the sequel to the majorly popular slot, Dead or Alive, this game aims to provide an immersive, fun-filled, and lucrative gambling experience. Developed by NetEnt, Dead or Alive 2 is a slot with exceptionally high win potential due to its generous RTP and volatility. Players can even win up to 111,111x their bet after utilising the various bonus features. 

Money Train 3

    • RTP – 96.10% 
    • Volatility – High 
    • Max Win – 100,000x
  • Bonus Features – Wild symbols, respin, ‘money cart’ bonus round, bonus buy

Money Train 3, a new slot game by Relax Gaming, has a futuristic-punk theme and features several bandits who have boarded a high-speed train to rob its contents. This high-volatility slot has an eye-watering max win of 100,000x each bet, making it a top choice for players who, like the bandits, are after a huge payout. 

Mega Moolah 

    • RTP – 88.12% 
    • Volatility – Low
    • Max Win – 1920x & Jackpot
  • Bonus Features – Progressive jackpot, wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins

One of the top progressive jackpot slots, Mega Moolah, is our top choice for anyone who wants to be in the running to win a life-changing amount of real money. Although this slot has a lower RTP and low volatility, players still flock to it with the hopes of winning one of the four available jackpots. The largest of which, known as the Mega Jackpot, starts at a whopping €2,000,000!

Lil’ Devil 

  • RTP – 96.43%
  • Volatility – High
  • Max Win – 40,960x
  • Bonus Features – Free spins, wild symbols, bonus rounds, angel wilds

Lil Devil is an action-packed and devil-themed slot by Big Time Gaming that has a huge max win of 40,960x a player’s bet. Better yet, Lil’ Devil has a fantastic variation of wild symbols and bonus rounds that not only provide a fun experience but can also increase your chances of getting regular payouts. 

Sweet Bonanza Slot 

    • RTP – 96.48%
    • Volatility – Mid-high 
    • Max Win – 21,000x
  • Bonus Features – Tumble, bet multiplier, scatter symbols, free spins, multiplier symbols, bonus buy

The candy-themed slot by Pragmatic Play, Sweet Bonanza, provides a sense of nostalgia for those who have prior experience playing traditional fruit machines. The slot features free spins among a range of other fun bonus features. This, combined with the game’s high max win, makes Sweet Bonanza a worthwhile option for gamers looking for an entertaining way to win big. 


To summarise, there are several key factors that can impact a slot’s win potential. Whilst some slots have a high RTP and a large max win, they may lack in other areas, such as by not having any impactful bonus features. On the other hand, a slot could have high-paying symbols and plenty of bonuses to use. But, with a low RTP, it may not be very profitable. 

That’s why the slot games with the top win potential have incorporated a healthy selection of the factors we’ve listed. So, next time you want to win big when you play online slots, you can try out some of the games we’ve mentioned!