Contrary to popular belief, gambling isn’t a new concept in Asia. It’s been a part of the continent for centuries. Some regions, like Macau and Singapore, have embraced the industry so much that they’re now esteemed destinations for tourists who love to gamble.
Macau, in particular, is the new entertainment capital of the world. Although millions of people tour the city, Singapore and other gambling cities yearly, some people prefer to play these online casino games.


For some, baccarat is the card game James Bond loves to play in his movies. In truth, baccarat is the most popular casino card game in the world, especially in Asian countries.
You can find and play baccarat at nearly any online casino with card games. Most of them offer these three versions:

• Chemin de Fer
• Punto Banco
• 3-Card Baccarat
• Punto Banco

Three-card baccarat is the most popular variant of the game in Asia. It features a deck of 52 cards. Face cards have no value while ace cards count as one. That said, a hand with three face cards (J, Q, K) earns you the most money. A hand of nine comes second.

In Europe, Chemin de Fer is the most popular variant of the game. It’s also the specific game James Bond loves to play. Around the world and at most online casinos, punto banco is the most played version.

2—Sic Bo

Sic Bo is yet another casino game predominantly played in Macau, Hong Kong and the Philippines. It’s a game of dice: three dice to be specific. Usually, a dealer places the three dice inside a transparent chest and shakes them.

After that, the croupier reveals the outcomes of the dice. To win, you must have placed one of these bet types:

• Big Bet—the sum of the three dice ranges from 11 to 17
• Small Bet—the sum of the three dice ranges from 4 to 10
• Odd-Even—the sum of the dice is an odd or even number
• Specific Doubles or Triples—a specific number will appear on two or three dice.
• Single Dice Bet—a specific number will appear on one, two or all the dice.

There are several more bet types in Sic Bo. The specific amount of money you win depends on the odds and a casino’s payout rate. For example, you get paid 1:1 for a one number bet. By comparison, you can win 180:1 if you bet on a specific number to appear on all three dice.

3—Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular online casino games around the world. Unsurprisingly, they’ve infiltrated Asian casino sites through a series of clever tactics. The first method is designing games inspired by the Asian culture:

• Sakura Fortunes
• Hong Bao
• Koi Princess
• 88 Fortunes
• 100 Pandas

You can find a variety of the games mentioned above at any play online casino in Asia. However, find which developers provides what games. That way, it’s easier to identify sites with your favorite Asian slots.

Of course, you don’t have to play Asia-themed slots. You can also play games inspired by North American sports, celebrities, politics, crime or African wild animals.

In fact, you can also alternate video slots with progressive jackpots, Megaways and classic games. While at it, pick top-rated, high-paying games. Not only will you enjoy your experience but you’ll also increase your chances of winning.


Poker might be an American game, but it’s growing rapidly in Asia. It’s gaining popularity for the same reason it dominates Las Vegas casinos—it is a game of skill.
Unlike slots or Sic Bo, luck doesn’t always lead to a win. It’s your skills, experience and strategies that determine whether you win or lose. Of course, a little bit of luck goes a long way because it can mean getting stronger cards than your opponents.

If you train in poker well enough, you can turn it into a career. This is especially true for the most popular versions of the game:

• Texas Hold’em
• Omaha
• 5-Card Draw

These three games often attract millions of players from all over the world at any given time. Texas Hold’em, in particular, has a World Series through which you can win in excess of $1M per tournament.


Blackjack is yet another casino game mostly played in the western world. Similar to poker, though, it’s gaining traction in Asia. For starters, it shares some similarities with baccarat.
It features a deck of 52 cards. The goal is to beat a casino’s dealer at producing a hand of 21. The game starts with two up-cards for the player. On the other end, the dealer receives one up-card and one down-card.
After you look at your cards and the dealer’s up-cards, you can make several moves:

• Split your cards
• Double down
• Hit
• Stand

Splitting is exactly what it sounds like. If you have a 10-value card, you can split it to form two hands. Doubling down means doubling your money—you also receive an extra card. Standing refers to asking for another card while standing means playing with the cards you have.


Roulette is popular pretty much everywhere in Asia. It’s a fun and simple game to play. It features a wheel colored back/red on slots numbered from 1-36. European roulette has an extra 0-slot colored green while American roulette has yet another 00-slot.
To make money from roulette, you predict where a marker/small ball on the wheel stops. If a croupier spins the wheel and it stops at a black slot, all black bets win 1:1. If it stops at any number from 1-36, all straight number bets win 35 to 1.
As mentioned, European and American roulette differ in that American roulette has an extra pocket. This extra slot lowers your chances of winning, though. As a result, European roulette is the better game to play.


In many Asian countries, online casinos are growing in popularity. Many new players are choosing games invented on the continent, say Sic Bo. However, games like slots, baccarat and poker are also becoming popular as well.