Crypto games are changing how people play and spend their leisure time. A good crypto game blurs the line between fun and work because gamers earn money from play-to-earn games, governance tokens, and other incentives that come with them.
Here are the most popular crypto games to play when free.


Aviator by Spribe is a passion, risk and victory game that will keep you hooked, on your toes and full of emotions. The game’s rules are easy to learn, and you don’t have to be an expert to win.
There is no defined strategy to win the game, so no one has the upper hand in any play. The game is based on Random Number Generator.
A good way to make big earnings in this game is to stake a big bet, withdraw early, or place a low bet and take a big risk with time. The good news is that gamers can win up to 1,000 dollars instantly with just a dollar.
To win in Aviator, ensure to successfully press cash out before the Aviator plane flies away, or else your bet expires and you lose. Many crypto gambling sites offer Aviator as a slot game where players can choose bet options of $0.10 to $100 for every game round.
This is a social game. Watch other players bet on the same plane when they cash out for the current round. If you think you have a lucky charm or just want to enjoy some time playing in crypto casinos, try this game and you could make huge money in a flash.


Plinko is a popular game of luck available on ‘The Price is Right. Plinko is an easier model of the pachinko, a famous Japanese game of chance. The game is fun and easy, so you will always enjoy the tasks.
However, that doesn’t mean you will always win. There is always a catch to keep the game entertaining and intensely emotional.
The strategies for the game are simple. To play, place a chip against the board, drop it, and it will bounce through the maze before settling on a slot where you are gifted some type of reward.
Players can also select difficulty level based on the colors blue, green and red for low, medium and high risks, respectively When playing on the TV show or Nintendo Wii. The goal is to win as many chips as possible. You also win chips by guessing the right price for various consumer goods.
This game will keep you at the edge of the set, and you will always smile whenever luck befalls you.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is arguably one of the top P2E crypto games today. Its game model is also Pokemon-inspired, so players easily know their way around to understand and enjoy the game very fast. To start playing the game, create an account by setting up a Ronin wallet and follow the easy steps to go.
Axie Infinity involves missions where the player explores and collects creatures they can breed and sell as NFT tokens in the form of Axies. The NFTs are tradeable in the game’s market place and the price of each depends on its rareness.
Prices can range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands. The dream of being rich overnight is valid in this game. Players can also use Axies as Smooth Love Portions Against other players on in-game battlefields. More interestingly, you can trade Axies for your favorite crypto.


RobotEra is a fun and newer game in the Metaverse. It involves remodeling the universe by building a sandbox-like planet.
Players take control of the game arena by playing a robot to virtually take part in building the world. Make friends with other robot friends, and earn resources from your estates to build whatever your dream of in your world.
This is the game to unleash your creativity. You are the god of your universe and whatever you want is possible. Create it.
RobotEra also offers a linked multiverse where the game is linked to other worlds, museums, concerts and venues. Trade in RobotEra with other NFT communities s you explore and share your gaming experience.


Silks is a unique crypto game presenting a game that many other players in the crypto game lack. The game uses horses as characters to represent real-world events.
This game is developed by Tropical Racing, a public company that operates a 200-acre horse farm where horses are bred and carries out horse racing events.
Race, trade and breed thoroughbred horses. Players earn NFT rewards for various activities, from racing horses, breeding them, staking on horses, and even crypto mining. The collections are varied, including Silk Avatars, Horses, Stables and Land.
Many players of Silks thoroughly enjoy this game because of its connection to reality. As much as rewards are in NFTS, players are rewarded based on real-time events on the horses in the farm. For example, when a horse is scheduled to race, the crypto will alert the owner to watch it race. The owner is tokenized in the game if the horse wins an actual race.
This is a must-try game for any gamer yearning for a new gaming experience. Connect reality with the virtual world.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an exciting crypto game ecosystem with numerous P2E games in The Battle Arena. Players not only play the game but enjoy the immersive interaction with the Metaverse world.
Interact, explore, and experience various game features in more virtual worlds. The game site includes a decentralized exchange platform like a bank where users can buy IBAT tokens to buy items from the marketplace, game stores and the arena, or even convert their winnings to another currency.
The game developers also plan to launch a fantasy sport dubbed the IBAT Premier League very soon. This will be the world’s first decentralized NFT-Based fantasy sports game embedded with the universe for users to build their team and compete with others worldwide to win and earn.


Crypto games are not just fun to play; you can make extra money from enjoying your favorite games in the store. Immerse yourself into the world of Metaverse as you expand your creativity and imagination. All in all, the experience will always leave you wanting for the next time.