Maximizing your winnings on slot machines can be tough to navigate especially when you are trying to choose the best slots machine to play, nevertheless, there are a few factors to keep in mind when considering which slot machine will give you the high returns you desire.


Plan Ahead

As a slot enthusiast, you need to have a plan before choosing the best slot machine to play and looking for machines with a high return (RTP) percentage usually indicates a decent chance of winning over time. Furthermore, low-volatility machines could offer you more frequent but smaller wins, while high-volatility machines have larger but less frequent payouts.

Jackpots and Bonus Features

Choosing a slot machine that offers any jackpots or bonus features can significantly increase your chances of winning big. Keep an eye out for progressive jackpots that continue to grow until someone wins, these are usually a good shout for getting something out of your game.

Gameplay and Theme

Selecting a slot machine with gameplay or theme that appeals directly to you can be a winning formula, whether it’s based on a TV show, movie or just a specific theme, by enjoying the gameplay and visuals you can enhance your overall experience with the slot machine.

Betting Range

Betting ranges on slot machines are a great way for you to determine how much you are going to bet and it also makes sure you manage your bankroll, meaning you don’t exceed your limits. Remember, you must always play slot machines responsibly and always bet within your means. Avoid chasing losses or exceeding your limits at all times, set a budget and stick to it for the slot machine you have chosen to play.

Reviews and Research

Read reviews from other slot machine players and do some research on slot machines before playing them, this can give you insights into the machine’s payout frequency, overall performance and player satisfaction. It’s always good to look for reputable and well-known establishments when seeking the best slot machines to play. Always research and choose a reliable online casino that is regulated and licensed to ensure fair gameplay.

Understand Progressive Slots

The biggest prizes are usually tied to slot machines with progressive slots, however, it’s essential to understand how progressive slots work and it shouldn’t be the sole reason you choose to play it. Progressive jackpots usually come in minor denominations and the amount you can win will depend on how much players put in the game. That being said, if your budget is limited it may be best to avoid progressive slot machines because they have the lowest chances of winning.

Trust Other Players

Unlike the game of poker, you should be able to trust your fellow slot players and use information from them to pick the best slot machine game to play. Places like Facebook and Reddit have plenty of slot machine groups where players can trade and gather analysis on the best slot machines to play.

Rigged Slot Machines?

A question that arises quite a lot when choosing the best slot machine to play, is whether it is rigged or not. The simple answer to this is no. No slot machines are rigged, although ones within casinos may have some in-house advantages to them, expressed as a return to player (RTP). Nevertheless, online slot machines all go through third-party testing to ensure they are safe and secure for the online slot machine world.


In conclusion, there is no guaranteed strategy for winning at slot machines and it’s always important to keep in mind that slot machines are games of chance,  so gamble responsibly and set yourself a budget at all times in your quest to find the best slot machine.