Some of the greatest games ever made delve deep into mythologies and ancient civilisations. The God of War series comes to mind as the best example of this, with the expansive worlds of the Assassin’s Creed games continuing to explore different points in history. We’ve met gods forged by long-gone cultures, beasts far too terrifying from fables to be real, and climbed the great monuments of history.

However, one of the most infamous mythical creatures that are still popular to this day remains mostly absent from the world of gaming. Leprechauns are instantly recognisable, famed for hoarding a pot of gold – which would always come in hand in a video game world – and can either be cheery characters or vengeful monsters. They seem perfect for developers to work into games, but titles with leprechauns are few and far between.

Leprechaun Games Prove as Hard to Find as the End of a Rainbow

So, just in case you feel like jumping into a world where leprechauns do exist, we’ve dug up a bunch of the best games ever to feature the little Irish creatures.

King’s Quest 1

Top of the list for having a reimagining of the iconic series on Steam and for its prevalence of leprechauns is King’s Quest. The series is a classic and quite chilled point-and-click adventure, but the reboot is more of a hands-on adventure game. In King’s Quest 1, you get to go to the Land of the Leprechauns, which is loaded with the little creatures.

Some play harps, others dance on their heads, but at the back of the cove presides the Leprechaun King. Luckily, this is a relatively reasonable and friendly leprechaun, and is the key to finding the magic shield and jewelled sceptre on your quest. In the retro pixelated design, the leprechauns are far prettier than they usually look in entertainment these days.

Rainbow Riches

One of the most famous of all leprechauns is the one played by Warwick Davis in the Leprechaun comedy-horror film franchise. Best served as a pub quiz answer to “what was Jennifer Aniston’s first movie,” but the films certainly leaned into having a greedy, ugly, and vengeful leprechaun intent on keeping all of its gold.

While the game certainly leans into the same attire and ugliness of the Leprechaun movies, the online slot Rainbow Riches has a far less greedy leprechaun in play. Those who play Rainbow Riches try to unlock the Wishing Well, Pots of Gold, and Road to Riches to be in with a shot at the bigger chunks of the leprechaun’s haul.

Lep’s World

Showcasing how few and far between leprechaun games are, we land on the mobile game Lep’s World. This little Apple App Store app is a side-scrolling platformer that’s free to start. As soon as you see the game tile, it’s clear that it’s heavily inspired by classic Mario games, but with a cutesy, ginger-bearded leprechaun as your main character. That said, it does have a 4.7 score from 76,700 reviews and some 250 million downloads.
There aren’t that many leprechaun games out there, but those that do exist tend to be rather good fun.