Gaming has gone through a number of trends over the years, with technology having played a vital role in helping to provide gamers with some of the very best experiences possible. The iGaming sector could be considered one of the areas that best provides us with how gaming has been able to benefit and develop, with it now possible to play games with cryptocurrency, such as crash games. It is certainly worth checking out Cloudbet’s guide to crash gambling if you are unfamiliar with them, as the guide will tell you everything to know.

Now, while games have continued to advance with new forms of technology, there is no denying that some traditional forms of gaming have remained as popular as ever. Indeed, it can be argued that puzzle games are currently one of the most popular genres of games. This is true regardless of which platform it is played on, making them one of the few genuinely universal gaming genres. Puzzle games are generally well-liked on smartphones as people like to play them throughout the day. On PCs and consoles, the story is radically different.

If you love puzzle-solving things, this article is for you, as we will discuss some of the latest puzzle games of 2022.

We Were Here Forever

The We Were Here series of games are two-player cooperative stand-alone titles. We Were Here Forever releases this year. Players in this game are stuck in the Antarctic, and the only way to find their way out is to solve a series of riddles. Players will need to collaborate on these puzzles, audibly communicating to provide information necessary for one another to advance in the game. These games often take little time to complete. The length of previous games has ranged from two hours to six hours. So it’s possible to finish this game in one sitting.


The Past Within

Players in the multiplayer puzzle game “The Past Within” seek to learn more about the identity of the enigmatic Albert Vanderboom. Players will engage with each other in two separate time frames to solve these puzzles. Communication is essential as you examine your environment and point out any commonalities or hints that can assist each other in advance. Fortunately, the game can be played on smartphones because it was created to be cross-platform. Consequently, whether you’re playing on a PC, phone, or tablet, this game may be easy to set up and enjoy.

Hello Neighbor 2

A popular stealth puzzle game where players had to ascertain what their neighbour was up to in the game’s title. This necessitated slipping through their house while attempting to avoid being discovered. The original title’s experience is now being expanded upon in a sequel that will be released this year. Players may be tasked with unravelling the mystery of a whole village, for instance. You’ll have a variety of structures to explore and AI foes to stay clear of. The fact that each AI in this stealth puzzle game gains knowledge from the player’s previous rounds can make it more exciting. As you advance, the opponent becomes more unpredictable and adaptable. We would certainly love to see this type of game be brought to the casino industry in the future, though, as we can imagine it would be a popular choice for those who are looking to enhance any betting sessions that they decide to involve themselves in.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Players were faced with a terrifying story, a supernatural adversary, and a storyline in which they could choose from various conversation options. It’s time for the release of Oxenfree II: Lost Signals. Players will once more enjoy the same gaming experience as the first instalment, which is set in the same environment but has new protagonists. It could be a good idea to go back and play this game again or for the first time, as there are some connections with the original game.


As you can see, many great puzzle games are scheduled for release in 2022. Whether you’re a fan of classic puzzle games or looking for something new and innovative, there’s sure to be a game on this list that piques your interest. So get ready for some serious puzzling fun!