How to register on the gambling platform? Here are a few tips on how to choose the right gaming platform. How to make a deposit and withdraw winnings?

A simple guide for beginners on how to start gambling

Interest in gambling activities is growing and snowballing; today, they have become more accessible than ever. It leads to the fact that more and more people begin to think about whether they should try it. Today we have compiled a detailed guide for beginners, where to start, and how to choose the most suitable platform.

Should you gamble?

Before people start, they need to ensure they need it. There is a category of people for whom gambling is contraindicated. If you are too impulsive, succumb to external influences, and often make rash decisions, you may need to give it up. Gambling addiction is on par with alcoholism and drug addiction, so you should be careful. However, not all players are addicted. Many people worldwide use gambling to relax and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with having a beer bottle on a Friday night after a hard day, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to spin the reel on a Saturday night slot a few times.
In addition, gambling can be used as additional income. It can only be done if you can create your game strategy and resist the temptation to go beyond your limits.

Where to begin?

If you try gambling, you should create a new email in advance. Although the Bitcoin gambling site for CA has good privacy protection, we do not advise you to mix your business correspondence with gambling entertainment.
Next, you need to choose a gaming platform. It cannot be easy to do this because you need to select several platforms and carefully study their principle of operation and the conditions of cooperation that they offer. To make this process easier, you can use ORDB. This platform specializes in studying the gambling market. Specialists register on various gambling sites, spend about a week here, and then write a detailed review of the site. It lets you get clear and honest information about the gaming club’s operation, making it easy to choose.

How to register?

When choosing the right platform, you must go through the registration process. It usually only takes a few minutes. Here you just need to enter your email, create a password and agree to the terms of cooperation. You also need to confirm that you are over 18 years old.
Licensed platforms are asked to go through a verification process. So, they may ask you to provide documents confirming your identity and your place of residence. It is because they cannot provide services to people with gambling addiction and individuals involved in fraud or money laundering.


Immediately after registration, you get access to the beta version of the site. Here you can play some games for free, but the features will be severely limited. You cannot earn real money by playing in this format. You can also get a free crypto no deposit bonus, allowing you to play slots for free several times.
If you want full access to all the site’s functionality, you need to make a deposit. The minimum deposit is usually only $10 (or the equivalent in your currency). To replenish your account, you can use various payment systems:
Bank cards;
The payment method choice today is huge, so you can choose the option that suits you more than others. We do not recommend using bank cards for security reasons. User reviews say that crypto is ideal for gambling.
Litecoin gambling casino does not charge a transaction fee; payment systems can do this. After you complete your deposit, you can start playing.

Ways to get privileges

The method of receiving bonuses depends on the platform you have chosen. Some credit bonuses automatically, while others ask you to perform specific actions, for example:
Subscribe to advertising;
Top up your account for a certain amount;
Get a referral link;
Contact support;
Make a special bet;
Enter a promo code and more.
We advise you to know the process of receiving bonuses before registering on the site. You should not specifically chase after bonus programs. Sometimes you can lose much more than you gain, so you should be careful.

How to withdraw money?

If luck smiles at players and they win, they can withdraw it to their bank card or e-wallet (including crypto wallet). They need to request a money withdrawal from your account to do this. You must enter the amount you want to withdraw and payment details here. Using the payment method you used when replenishing the deposit is preferable. It will speed up the process of checking payment details.
The minimum withdrawal amount for winnings is usually $20 (or the equivalent in your currency). The maximum withdrawal amount is about 20 thousand dollars, but if you use a crypt, you can withdraw from 5 to 10 bitcoins at a time (depending on the platform).
If people use fiat currencies, they will have to wait several days (from 1 to 7) for the money to enter their account, but if you use crypto, you will receive your money in 30 minutes or faster. Also, payment systems can take a commission for transactions.


Gambling has never been as accessible and safe as it is today. However, it would be best if you remembered that each platform offers different terms of cooperation, so you need to spend more time choosing a gaming club. Usually, this is where the primary key to the most successful and enjoyable game lies.