Online slot machines: they’re quick, simple, and, most of all, fun to play! It’s no wonder online casinos abound in their choice of slot games, each with its own unique theme and special features to keep players interested. 

But besides offering a great way to pass the time, is there any profitability to online slots? Are there strategies one can use to boost their chance of winning big? 

This article breaks down everything you need to know about online slot games. In particular, we’ll go into more detail about possible ways to beat online slots. Keep reading if you’d like to learn a few handy strategies!

What’s a Slot Machine?

Online Slot Games Ranked by Win Potential

Slot machines are one of the most emblematic types of classic casino games. They typically have three, five, or more reels with various symbols along the sides, which spin when the player pulls a lever or pushes a button. Then, once the reels stop spinning, the player wins different prizes based on what symbols the reels landed on.

According to popular belief, the first slot machines appeared in the late 19th century in the United States. Pioneered by Charles Fey, Liberty Bell is considered the first-ever slot game. It had three reels with five symbols each. Players would hit the jackpot if they landed on Liberty Bell on all three reels at once.

Today, there are many types of slot machines. Some differ in the size or number of symbols, featuring more reels or multipliers to create unique combinations. Additionally, slots can have different themes. For example, fruit designs are pretty common, as are playing card suits, but there are many other kinds of multipliers too.

How Are Online Slots Different?

Due to their vast popularity among betting enthusiasts, slot games made it to online casinos too. These so-called online slots are simply a software substitute for the real casino slots you know from brick-and-mortar casinos.

Essentially, when you play online slots, you’re accessing a video game on the websites or apps of online casinos. They still work the same way: you see reels with multiplier symbols, and you can click to spin the reels. 

The main difference is that video slots are developed by game companies and are simply code. Internet casinos buy the rights to offer each slot from the developer, so it’s possible to run into the same slot games in many different casinos. Similarly, if you frequent traditional casinos, you may see slot machines made by the same company in each.

You may be wondering if digital slots aren’t rigged, however. After all, code is just code. What if the casino tweaked it somehow to ensure the player never, ever wins? 

Though your scepticism is not unfounded, keep in mind that properly licensed casinos do not cheat like that. In fact, game developers put in RNG software. This bit of code ensures each game is entirely random and only adheres to preset standard probabilities, ensuring fair winning odds for players.

But let’s be honest here. Scammy casinos do exist, so you should keep your wits about you when gambling online. In the next section, we’ve included some recommendations on how to stay safe and find trustworthy casinos.

Where to Play Online Slot Games

To play digital slots, all you need to do is head to an Internet casino. But how can you be sure to choose a good one?

There are a few things to keep in mind when browsing Internet casinos. First, remember that safety and reliability must come first. This means you should be looking for casinos that are well-liked in the betting community and have valid gambling licences

Properly regulated casinos have undergone thorough evaluation by regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission to ensure their finances are in order and they are capable of meeting their financial commitments to players. In other words, a casino must be able to pay out winnings on time and not string any players along.

Furthermore, it’s also essential that the casino regulation is valid in your region. If you’re in the EU, a licence from the UK won’t mean much. In that case, you’d need to look for a Europe-based regulator, like the Malta Gaming Authority. Other countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and so on, also have their own gambling regulators.

If you’re not sure how to go about looking for a trustworthy casino, you can benefit from platforms like It is dedicated to matching players with casinos from a pool of trustworthy companies the staff has evaluated in advance. The platform offers a Sweet Bonanza free play together with exclusive bonuses to help players spend less of their deposit. It’s free to use, so it won’t hurt to check out what recommendations the app will give you.

Popular Online Slots Games

Now that you know how to pick a reliable online casino, we also have a few recommendations for the best online slots you may try! Of course, there’s a lot of variety among casinos, with some offering hundreds of slots, and each has an eye-catching theme and special features to make the gameplay fun. 

We can’t possibly include all that online casinos have to offer, but here are some of the most popular slot games players enjoy:

  • Starburst by NetEnt
  • Immortal Romance by Microgaming
  • Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play
  • Dear or Alive by NetEnt
  • Book of Ra by Novomatic
  • Big Bass Splash by Pragmatic Play
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt
  • 9 Pots of Gold by Microgaming
  • Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

How to Win at Online Slots

We talked about what you can play and where, but the big question is: how do you win?

Technically speaking, there is no foolproof way to beat an online slot. As a random number game, any slot is a game of chance. There are fixed statistical odds of each combination occurring, and players can’t affect those in any way. 

For example, if we assume the chance of hitting the jackpot is 1%, so 1 in 100, you might just happen to be the lucky number 100 after 99 other players have failed and get that big win on your first try. Or you could be one of those 99 who secured more modest wins, if any. Of course, in real games, the odds of hitting a jackpot are much lower than 1%. You can never know what your luck is unless you play. The mystery factor is exactly why people think slots are fun! 

So, if you were hoping for a three- or five-step process to lead you to a sure win, we’d have to disappoint you. Nevertheless, there are a few rules of thumb you can follow to make the game more fun and hopefully not waste too much money on it without reward.

Play for Short Periods of Time

Slots are a game of chance. The winnings are actually distributed over an extremely large statistical sample, usually in the hundreds of thousands of rounds. Thus, the logic of “if I play long enough, I’m bound to win eventually” does not apply.

Instead, try to keep your gaming sessions short. Join for a few spins, take whatever you win, and leave before you burn through your whole deposit. That slot, and countless others, will still be there for you tomorrow when you can test your luck again.

And if you just like the game so much and want to keep playing regardless of whether you win real money or not, just play the demo! It’s free, and you can play as long as you want without risks.

Don’t Chase Losses

This tip relates to our previous point, but playing for a long time doesn’t guarantee you’d suddenly stumble upon a win. It is possible, since slots are random. But generally speaking, there is no pity factor you can count on. The more losing rounds you go through, does not mean you become more likely to win. So if you spin a few times and don’t win, it’s best to step back and let the game be. 

Use Bonuses

Bonuses – find them, use them, love them. Most online casinos have various mouth-watering offers, and they often change daily, too! Bonuses are a great way to extend your deposit and play more rounds for free. 

And if you use up your bonus in one online casino, remember that you can probably find the same (or similar) game in a different casino, where you’d still be eligible to apply for a bonus. So always check for current offers and take advantage of what casinos are ready to give you! But make sure to read the T&Cs carefully, as bonus use can alter the withdrawal conditions for your winnings.

Before You Play Slots Online

Lastly, before we send you off on your online casino journey, we’ve prepared a quick checklist you can consult before you start gambling. Following these steps can help you play responsibly and stay out of trouble.

  • Make sure you’re playing in a regulated casino. Look for the casino’s licence on their website: it should be displayed in plain view.
  • Choose games with a high RTP. Wins are not a given, but the higher the RTP, the better! Ideally, you’d want a return rate of 95% or more.
  • See if you can claim any free spins or a deposit bonus before you start playing. 
  • Don’t feel like you have to stick to just one slot or one casino. It’s okay to explore! You never know when you’ll find something you like better than the previous game or company you tried.
  • Go into gambling with a set budget and gaming window in mind. Limiting how much money or time you spend can help prevent problem gambling.