Online gaming has evolved hugely in recent years, with releases covering every genre, such as Animal Crossing, COD and FIFA.

However, this doesn’t mean that games of the past are buried and forgotten. Many of the 90s arcade games are still as popular as ever before. Some have reached such iconic status that they’ve evolved and branched out into new channels.

Here’s a look at some of the 90s arcade titles which are still slaying it.

Street Fighter

Created by Capcom, Street Fighter is the original one-on-one fighting game that made its name in arcades and gradually became one of the most iconic titles of all time.

Street Fighter was the first game to offer command-based special moves and the ability to decide on the strength of the attack. While these features are commonplace now, they didn’t exist before Street Fighter. For this reason, it’s credited with being the game that completely changed the future of video games, more specifically, fighting games.

With more than 150 different games, crossovers and TV shows, the Streetfighter franchise is worth billions of dollars. And yet more creations keep on coming in response to demand. Street Fighter 2 is the best-selling of them all, and it’s the game that spawns the most spin-offs. For example, the Street Fighter 2 slot machine fuses the fun of a fighting game with the chance to win a cash prize.

Street Fighter still has a big fanbase, and new versions continue to be developed. With Street Fighter 6 rumoured to be on the way, it’s only a matter of time before there are more spin-offs created too.

Tomb Raider

Another hugely recognisable game from the 90s, Tomb Raider, introduced the world to Lara Croft. Having a female lead was unusual for its time and instantly set Tomb Raider apart from the pack. As a female architect determined to travel the world and unlock mysteries, Lara Croft was a groundbreaking character.

More Tomb Raider games continued to be released, and to date, they’ve sold more than 81 million copies. Played in arcades and on personal games consoles including GameCube, Nintendo DS, Playstation and Wii, Tomb Raider is an award-winning franchise that has achieved phenomenal success.

Like any blockbuster series, there’s now more available than just the simple games. With Tomb Raider slots, cartoons and even live-action movies, there’s no sign of its popularity wavering any time soon.


Technically, Mario isn’t a 90s arcade game as it was first released in 1985 on the NES. However, the little plumber was such a hit that he’s continued to go from strength to strength, and according to Nintendo, he’s such a celebrity that he doesn’t even do plumbing anymore!

There has been a succession of Mario games on different Nintendo devices, plus arcade games too. Other characters in the game have become hugely popular, such as Bowser, Yoshi and Princess Peach.

Appearing on the Sega, Xbox, Wii and Switch, Mario is one of the most successful franchises of all time. As you might expect, it’s spawned an enormous range of merchandise plus spin-off games, including slots, board games and cards.