Recently the gaming industry is gaining a new phenomenon, cloud gaming. This thing is very interesting because it allows you to play cool games on a weak PC, but first things first. Before the advent of cloud gaming, you could play on your computer or console (game console). The main problem is that for modern games with high-quality graphics you need a powerful gaming computer, where the video card alone costs as much as the average salary and above. The same problem is with gambling on the Play Amo website. Well, the laptop cannot accommodate the same power as the system unit!

What is cloud gaming?

It’s a pretty broad concept, but it boils down to two scenarios one way or another. First: you have a game running on your PlayStation, but you stream it to your smartphone and play it on your smartphone. Uncomfortable, weird, but okay. The second: you don’t have a powerful gaming station at all, and you rent gaming capacity from game server holders. Using your smartphone or tablet as a second screen and gamepad is easy, boring, and even pointless because you already have a gaming console or PC. But the second scenario is just what we need.
Just to make it simple: you are playing your favourite blockbuster, enjoy the story and the graphics, but there is no console or a powerful PC in your apartment. Moreover, you have an old laptop computer, on which you can only watch TV series and browse web pages. In this case, all the technical processes, graphics and texture processing, and the loading of game levels take place on the powerful hardware of a cloud gaming provider. Perhaps in another city or even country. You have connected to it only thanks to a stable high-speed Internet. To put it simply, all your gaming equipment is your simple laptop and fast Internet.

How to start playing?

Some mobile operators and Internet service providers also provide access to cloud gaming. When choosing a site, it is important to remember that many services are just intermediaries, i.e., they do not have game servers. The key criteria should be the availability of their servers, the technology used, the technical requirements for your equipment, the range of games and the terms of service.
Each of the cloud services offers a large number of games, somewhere more, somewhere less. We should say at once: you can play for free, but it is extremely difficult. If the game is free-to-play no questions, the paid games you must either buy or rent. Most services support games from online stores such as Steam.

Cloud gaming and its negative sides

Even cloud-based gameplay has its technical requirements. For example, if you want to play with your Macbook Air, you’ll have to buy a wired mouse and think about how to connect it. By the way, to play you should download the official client of the site you are going to use. As a rule, this is a small program for authorization in the service and connection to the servers. You need to download such a client only from the cloud gaming provider’s official website.
And your Internet connection should be stable and high-speed. If you dare to play “in the cloud”, connect a good tariff with a speed from 100 Mbps. We also recommend connecting your device to the Internet directly via cable or 5 GHz Wi-Fi. 3G or 4G networks will probably not work for you.
And even though cloud gaming is designed to allow you to immerse yourself in a world of cool and beautiful games, a lot will still depend on you and your equipment. You won’t get the fun you expect if you’re playing on an old laptop.


The future of Cloud Gaming

Gamers will tell you that you can only play on a computer or console. But 10 years ago, it was hard to imagine that you could play games on smartphones like you could on powerful computers back then.
Everything is moving to the cloud, and the concept of the “thin client” has become a trend. This is when you don’t need a productive computer with a large drive to work, you don’t even need software. One browser with Internet access is enough. You open an online service, and there are all the tools, functionality, data files, etc. This allows you to disconnect from one device and work from anywhere.