If you are looking for ways to win more games of Monopoly, then you may want to try using one or more of these popular strategies.

Monopoly is one of the world’s most iconic games. It constantly ranks in the world’s top ten biggest-selling board games with various other hit titles, such as Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, and Clue.

There are many different versions of this game available. Still, the most popular version is classic Monopoly. The aim of this multiplayer economics-themed board game is to drive your opponents into bankruptcy while remaining the last financially solvent player on the board.

Let’s dive straight in to discover if any proven strategies for Monopoly can potentially help you win more games.

What different types of online Monopoly games are there?

Monopoly from Hasbro is a game that can be played online from an iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Some Monopoly games can be downloaded and won’t require an internet/Wi-Fi connection, whereas others are played online and will require a stable connection.

Some of the most popular Monopoly games online today are the following:

  • Monopoly Go

  • Monopoly live

  • Monopoly Big Spin Mega Drop

  • Monopoly Big Baller

  • Monopoly Lunar New Year

  • Monopoly Mega Movers

It doesn’t matter how old you are to play Monopoly Go, but to play any of these other Monopoly-themed games mentioned above, you must be at least the minimum legal age in your country, which is usually 18, but could be 19 or 21.

Honourable mentions

If you enjoy playing any of these popular online Monopoly games, which can usually only be found at today’s most trusted iGaming sites; some of the other similar titles you may also like to try are Monopoly Money Grab, Monopoly Hot Property, Monopoly Big Event Wonder 500, and Monopoly Mega Match.

If that’s not enough to keep you going, there’s also Monopoly Megaways, Monopoly On The Money, Monopoly On The Money Deluxe, Monopoly Utility Trails, and Monopoly Travel World Tour, to name just a few hit titles.

What are the best strategies to use when playing Monopoly?

To win at Monopoly, you need all your opponents to go bankrupt before you. Up to 8 players can play the traditional board game at the same time.

While luck plays a major role, especially in the randomness of the dice roll, using certain crafty strategies can give you a much better chance of winning.

Some of the most effective strategies many of the so-called ‘experts’ will say to use are the following, all of which are relatively straightforward:

  • Learn the rules – to become a true master, it helps to know the rule book inside out, which shouldn’t take too long to learn, especially if you play regularly

  • Get off to a strong start – there’s no point waiting to purchase your ‘favourite’ properties and avoiding purchasing others that you land on because you could end up with no properties to barter with or collect rent on

  • Buy houses for as many properties as you can – there are only 32 in a standard game of Monopoly. To prevent your opponents from purchasing them, try to get at least three houses per property

  • Avoid purchasing the utilities – there are only two utilities (electric company/water works), so they aren’t often landed on. Stick to purchasing the regular properties or railroads (preferably all four railroads)

  • According to statistics, the orange and red properties are the ones that are most landed on, so buy these properties and hope it’s true when you play

What else can I do to improve my game?

It can also help to learn the most likely outcomes that can occur when the dice are rolled (based on averages). This information reveals the implied probability of you being able to land somewhere on your next roll or how likely it is that your opponent will land on one of your properties.

Buy as many properties as quickly as you can before your opponents. It makes it impossible for them to buy them. Also, buy the properties you know your opponents have had their eye on, and try to buy housing monopolies in certain strategic places on the board, so you are covered on all four sides.