GamStop undoubtedly is one of the most popular self-exclusion schemes for problem gamblers. This UK-based blocking tool has been assisting punters suffering from gambling addiction since April 2018. Gamstop is the most used responsible gaming protocol and is a voluntary process. The gambling market in Great Britain is dominated by self-exclusion tools such as Gamstop. There are great bonuses, video games, and promotions such as 1st/2nd/3rd deposit bonuses, Welcome bonus, etc offered to punters to encourage them to register.

Are There Any GamStop Alternatives For Video Games?

The Idea Behind Self-Exclusion

The Gamstop National self-exclusion scheme recorded a rise of 21% in new registrations in 2021. There was a surge in online betting during the coronavirus pandemic which was followed by numerous punters trying to restrict themselves from accessing online casinos due to obsessive gambling tendencies. There are around 200,000 Gamstop users till February 2021. On the 22nd of February, 2021 there were a total of 326 new registrations made which is a record for a single day since 2018.

The whole idea behind self-exclusion is to control betting tendencies among gamblers. The trend towards preferring online gambling is resulting in more individuals getting negatively affected too. In January 2021, around 49328 Gamstop users tried to gamble and were stopped by Gamstop which commits upon shutting people to access Gamstop registered gambling sites for a chosen period of time.

No Alternatives For Video Games

Video games do not offer any alternative and play a significant role in online gambling. It keeps on improving the graphics at regular intervals for entertaining punters. There are 3D online casino slots that combine the aesthetic of video games and the thrill of gambling. Video games are the only alternative to online gambling games. Thus, punters using video games are mostly Gamstop users who cannot access online casinos due to self-exclusion.
For punters registered under Gamstop, video games are a great alternative since they are designed just for fun. Also, video gaming slots are not as problematic as card or table games among punters. Therefore, for punters having no issues with video slots, this might be a way out. Gamstop blocks out the majority of the gambling platforms but video games are always accessible.
There are video slots available that are not under Gamstop. These can be a great method to get around self-exclusion restrictions. One can source websites and online platforms exclusively providing video slots and no other casino games. Various non-GamStop casino sites on are also accessible but are only recommended if a punter can limit his gambling habits for overcoming his problem. Popular software providers include NetEnt, Novomatic, Vivo Gaming, etc. which are popular among UK punters and offer lucrative gameplay for entertainment. Video slots can be used to get away from addictive casino games like cards and tables although real money is involved in these games too.

The Only Way – Parental Control Services

Banning the children to access video games might be harsh but imposing parental controls via controlling their mobile device, laptop usage can be done. There are parental control applications and software available for mobile devices. These help in limiting video gaming access for children. On iOS devices, the screen time settings can be adjusted, multiplayer access can be controlled, time limits for gaming sessions can be imposed. Android devices do not offer a powerful built-in parental control tool but third-party applications like Qustodio, Kaspersky, Safe Kids can be downloaded for the same. Discord gained immense popularity as a method for gamers to chat and talk to each other and is a popular communication tool. It also comes with parental control features like limiting messaging options and blocking inappropriate content.
At times, people spectate other people playing games through live streaming services offered by these video games. Parents can adjust messaging and privacy options but cannot block streams via websites like Twitch.


The video gaming industry has an estimated worth of $159.3 billion in 2020. Since 2019, there has been an increase of 9.3% and current forecasts believe that the industry would be worth $268 billion by 2025. APAC and Latin America showed maximum growth by 9.9% and 10.3% in 2021 as compared to 2019 figures. In addition, online gaming is an excellent replacement for gamblers who are looking for another hobby or have some issues.
Gamstop might not seem to be perfect initially but it does vouch for making continuous efforts for protecting vulnerable punters from gambling harm. Gamstop nowadays comes with a bigger recognition due to joining forces with API integration which allows punters to access resources for a successful recovery journey. Certain security breaches still exist but problem gambling is a prolonged issue that needs sheer will and commitment for bringing about a positive change.