There are games for every sport right now, and the horse racing industry is not excluded. Several top-ranking software developers have come up to create horse racing games,

but how do you know which is good enough to play? Well, not to worry as we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure you know the top five to choose.
So if you wish to have a taste of what the Del Mar racing program feels like, then you can consider installing some of these games. Here are the top five choices.

Photo Finish Horse Racing

A high-quality user interface, smooth gameplay, and excellent animation are only some of the features you get to enjoy in this game. No wonder, therefore, why Photo Finish Horse Racing is considered one of the best racing games in the market.
This game is compatible with all mobile devices regardless of the operating system in use. Combining this with controls that are easy to use, the horse is able to sprint unhindered to the finish line. And the more races you win, the higher you rank on the leaderboard.

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Getting a game with incomparable graphics, minimum lag, and Immersive gameplay seems like a wild dream nowadays. But Rival Stars Horse Racing shows that there yet may still be hope for horse racing games. It promises these and more when you engage in the game.
In it, you get to customize almost everything ranging from your jockey’s outfit to how he looks to even your horse. Moreover, you can buy a larger stable to accommodate your horses – it all counts as managing. Dive into the game to find out more.

I Horse Go

With the I Horse Go, Glu Games Inc. went all out in proving why they are one of the top software developers in the business. The gameplay is very sleek, and the graphics do well in imitating real-life race tracks. This way, users get to enjoy an excellent quality gaming experience.
In I Horse Go, you can control both the jockey and the horse. With the jockey, you can decide what character to choose and for the horse, you can increase its speed by using the whip. By boosting the horse, you get to dash right to first place and win coins in the process.
You can also participate in ‘side-races’ where you get to show other opponents who are boss in the racing game. And you can do all these on either Android or iOS devices without limitations.

Horse Racing 3D

With more than 10 million downloads and counting, this is one of the most sought-after horse-themed games. Here, you learn what it feels like to own a horse, feed it, and take care of it. With quite exciting graphics, it is enough for any gamer to be enticed.
Also, the Horse Racing 3D promises a fully immersive experience. And this is made possible by the camera placement, which is behind the rider’s (your) back. This means you get to be the jockey riding the horse, so you’re both the jockey and trainer.
In addition, if you enjoy a challenging gaming experience, this is for you. With different challenges to overcome and hurdles to jump while keeping track of the horse’s stamina and strength, there’s a lot to keep you busy. Doesn’t that sound so fun?

Horse Racing Manager

This game is for those gamers who would instead manage a horse than race in an event. The manufacturers will think it out as it has several features for you to enjoy. Among these features are the entrancing 3D graphics as well as the jockey outfits, which you can customize to your satisfaction.
Another feature is that it allows you to breed and raise your horse online at Great Stakes. Besides this, you also get the chance to act as a trainer and produce an award-winning champion horse.
Furthermore, if you wish, you can breed horses till you have a fully occupied stable of swift steeds. You can use this correctly to win the Ultimate Champion title. And since the game is online, you can show off your prowess to the world.

Final Comments

Try any or all of these games out; trust us, you won’t be disappointed. They are what they promise and, more so, have a great time gaming.