Arcade games are among the most popular across the entire industry. These games are typically those that provide players with the most fun as they can be highly enjoyable, while they may also help to provide an element of nostalgia.

For some generations, the only way to play games was to visit an actual arcade and smash the buttons that are on the machines to defeat the bosses and conquer missions. Nowadays, gamers are spoilt for choice as they have a level of accessibility and convenience that was unimaginable way back when.

The nostalgia element is something that many have decided to try and capitalize on, though. The casino sector is one niche within gaming that has looked to try and convince individuals to play its games as they have released several arcade throwbacks to enjoy. Some of the newest sites around have introduced these titles to garner attention, and you can read about one of them in this WOW Vegas casino guide as the operator uses a number of developers that have a history of using throwback themes as a source of inspiration.

But what are seven of the most popular casino arcade games available to play?

1. Street Fighter II

Perhaps one of the most famous arcade titles to have ever been released, Street Fighter II is also a popular slot game that can be found at casinos widely. Developed by NetEnt, the title features many of the same characters and visuals, thus giving players a huge amount of nostalgia when they play the slot. They have added special features like bonuses, thus making it as fun as possible.

2. Deal Or No Deal

A classic box-picking game that has had success all over the world because of how simple it is, Deal or No Deal was a TV show that captured the imagination of players all over. It was a huge success in the US and UK and has since been revived in the latter because of its popularity. There have been numerous versions to have been created, with one from Playzido simply based on picking boxes and making a decision whether to deal or not.

3. Tetris Super Jackpots

Tetris is a game that is synonymous with the gaming world. It is one that almost every gamer is likely to have played at some point because of how simple it is. It is simply about building lines and being able to clear the blocks before they land and fill the screen. This simple game was used as inspiration by WMS and SC Gaming as they created the Tetris Super Jackpots. The developers used the retro graphics that were used, while also keeping the slot as simple as possible to enjoy! Additionally, a three-tier jackpot was also created, thus making it potentially very rewarding.

4. Space Invaders

Playtech has created a slot game inspired by the classic arcade title, Space Invaders. This game is widely recognized as one of the best in history, and Atari is credited with its creation. Playtech’s version follows the same themes and styles to ensure it remains as popular and enjoyable for casino players.

5. Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider franchise is highly popular in the world of arcade gaming. It features a beloved character who has achieved success in both the gaming and movie industries. Microgaming has created several slot games inspired by Lara Croft and her exciting adventures, giving players the chance to enjoy the same high-quality graphics, visuals, and thrilling storylines as they search for hidden treasures alongside her.

6. Call of Duty

It’s no surprise that Call of Duty has appeared in arcades around the world as it’s hugely popular with gamers. Its impact on the gaming industry has been significant, which is evident with its adaptation into a popular slot game. NetEnt has created a themed game that includes many elements from the series. In this version, gamers can earn rewards by completing their missions.

7. Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a successful game franchise that has produced multiple installments. The slot game industry has also capitalized on its popularity by creating its own versions. Skywind’s version includes familiar symbols and bonuses consistent with the franchise’s themes.

Final Thoughts

These are just seven of the most popular arcade games to have been given the casino treatment over the years. Each of them have been incredibly popular with gamers for a variety of different reasons. Therefore it is no surprise that there have been many spin-offs created that provide players the chance to couple a nostalgic feeling with the opportunity to win!